Charles Gervais
Both Hemispheres Photography
+44 (0) 7754 884 14 4

A passionate photographer
I love taking photos, I really do. Photography is my profession and my hobby - working with people, bringing out their personalities, to capture those rare, fleeting moments.

I am constantly working to improve myself, both creatively and technically, so that I can produce the very best images possible. Not only do I listen to the needs of my clients and work very hard to produce what they desire, I go even further and produce the unexpected too.

Professional yet easy-going
I listen to clients and form a good rapport with subjects and models to  produce excellent photos. Easy to work with and reliable, I bring a creative and technical expertise to my work that means the final image will be of the highest quality.

Tailor-made photographic solutions
I have the technical expertise to shoot a portrait of a busy executive in just a few minutes in their office, but at the other end of the spectrum, I can set up the most complicated of product shoots in my studio, spending as much time as is necessary to make it perfect. 

Retouching – an excellent ‘after service’
As both photographer AND retoucher, I can shoot a very complicated image with an eye to how it will be eventually retouched on computer. For example, some final shots will consist of numerous individual photographs, all composited and blended in post-production to produce an ‘impossible’ image.

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